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- Entrance fee for the State Museums of Berlin (SMB) at the Kulturforum Berlin
Here you find all information about   entrance fees and opening times

Museum admission is free for children and teenagers up to 18 years of age.
Many of the museums offer events specially designed for children and families.

Special exhibitions are charged separately.

As an alternative to the usual museum tickets you can buy a Museum Pass that is valid for three consecutive days and that is accepted by 34 museums in Berlin:
  Museum Pass (full price)
  Museum Pass (reduced price)

- More Information
The State Museums of Berlin (SMB) offer many thematic tours and special events. All information can be found on the   website of the State Museums of Berlin.

Please keep in mind that the State Museums of Berlin (SMB) are closed on Mondays.

Plans for a new museum
A new museum for Modern Art is planned at the Kulturforum. The so called "Museum der Moderne" will be complementary to the New National Gallery that is located at the Kulturforum Berlin, as well. Both museums will present the SMB-collection of Modern Art of the 20th century and the private Pietzsch-collection. Probably in 2020 the new museum will be reopened.

  Winner of the final architectural competition in october 2016
  Information about the idea-contest 2015-2016

  Interview with Minister of State for Culture Monika Grütters (November 2014, in German language)

The New National Gallery is closed from 2015
The New National Gallery is one of the most famous buildings at the Kulturforum Berlin. This temple of steel and glass was built for the SMB-collection of 20th century art and is itself one of the best examples of the architecture of classical modernism of the 20th century. Designed by the architect Mies van der Rohe the building was opened in 1968. Now - from 2015 onwards - the whole building complex needs a complete refurbishment what will take at least 4 years.

  Information on the SMB-website
  Article in the Berlin newspaper "Tagesspiegel"

Please click here for more information 
Kulturforum - Potsdamer Platz
The Berlin Kulturforum has the Potsdamer Platz as a prominent neighbour and both areas complement each other wonderfully. The wide range of good restaurants at Potsdamer Platz has saved some hungry museum- or concert-goers and the shopping options are always a tempting alternative, as well. In addition, there is a large variety of entertainment and culture at Potsdamer Platz. An audio guide (available as an app and as download for the MP3 player) describes the attractions at "The Platz" and rentable Segways make the tour around or an even further exploration of Berlin's center to a fun experience.

In return, the museums and the Philharmony at the Kulturforum are attractive destinations for many hotel guests and the more than 100,000 visitors of Potsdamer Platz daily. The new signage concept allows an even better connection and networking of Kulturforum and Potsdamer Platz.

There is much more information on the website to Potsdamer Platz:
(link to english version)

www.potsdamerplatz.de (english version)
 Potsdamer Platz


As the website www.kulturforum-berlin.info is a non-official information service, we cannot give you any binding information about the institutions at the Kulturforum. For that reason, we also cannot provide or arrange any kind of job for you or give information about special pieces of art.


The Berlin Kulturforum, with its museums, concert halls, libraries and institutes, is one of the most important cultural sites of Germany. Many well-known and unique institutions are located here, including the New National Gallery, designed by architect Mies van der Rohe, and the Philharmonie and Chamber Music Hall - home of the famous Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as the Neue Staatsbibliothek (Berlin State Library) with its sensational reading room and, last but not least, the painting gallery "Gemäldegalerie" that shows one of the most important collections of old masters worldwide.

Easy to find
The Kulturforum is located in the heart of Berlin near Potsdamer Platz. It is within walking distance of many tourist attractions, including the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, and the government district with the Reichstag (the seat of the German Parliament) and the Chancellery (the seat of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel) - the political heart of Germany. It is also within easy reach of the streets Unter den Linden and Friedrichstraße.

The Kulturforum was the cultural centre of former West Berlin and played an important role in the city's postwar history. Highly promoted and located near the Berlin Wall, it was developed as a political symbol of West Berlin's cultural growth and vitality in hard times. Its urban design is still in line with the original plans of architect Hans Scharoun in the 1960s. Thus, the Kulturforum site remains a testimony to the period before German reunification, which is why a visit to the area is also a fascinating leap in time.

The Kulturforum in the centre of Berlin is situated directly at Potsdamer Platz and is only a stone´s throw away from Pariser Platz and the political heart of Germany with the seat of the German parliament and chancellor.
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Here you can read more about history and planning of the site since the beginning of the 20th century (only in german language).   

  Special Events
... more reasons to visit the Kulturforum

  Opening Hours
Opening Hours of the State Museums of Berlin (SMB), amongst others: New National Gallery, Gemäldegalerie, Museum of Decorative Arts

  Concerts in the Philharmonie
Due to the good acoustics the design was copied in many concert halls.
  NEWSLETTER (in german)


Learn more about the institutions at the Kulturforum and click on the buildings in the aerial picture below - or choose an institution from the list below:

source: SenStadt Berlin, 2005 (foto: Dirk Laubner)


As the website www.kulturforum-berlin.info is a non-official information service, we cannot give you any binding information about the institutions at the Kulturforum. For that reason, we also cannot provide or arrange any kind of job for you or give information about special pieces of art.

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